Widener Family Scholarship Program

Our elder cousins made a decision a number of years ago to fund a small scholarship for eligible family members.  Some funding remains in the account and it is the desire of the family to provide some help in an ever increasing cost for education.
To apply please review the scholarship requirements below and select the application button to view and download the application.  Please make sure that you understand that an essay on the Widener genealogy must be attached to that application. There is no restriction on size of the essay and it will be the applicants choice of topic as long as it is about the Widener/McConnell and associated families either ancestral or current. 

2022 Scholarship Award

We are pleased to annouce our 2022 scholarship award presented to Miss Lily Peace, great granddaughter of Gaylor and Naomi Widener, great great granddaughter of Alex and Gertrude Widener.  Pictured with Miss Lily is Jack Widener

We are suspending future scholarship awards pending additional funding for the program. We will announce the next opportunity when those funds become available.

1. Applicant must be a descendent of Alexander and Gertrude Widener
2. Applicant must be a high school senior or graduate.
3. Application must in written form, accompanied by an essay on the Widener family genealogy.
4. Application must be made on or before June 15 of each year.
5. Scholarship will be awarded on or before July 15 of each year.
6. Scholarship must be used for college.
7. Applicant may apply additional years.
     8. Application maybe presented to any board member,
      Scholarship Board.
1. The Board will consist of one member from each of the following families.
a. Ray Widener’s family
b. Gaylor Widener’s family
c. David Widener’s family
d. Josephine Foley’s family
e. Robert Widener’s family
2. The Board will award one scholarship per calendar year on or before July
      15 of each year.
3. The board is authorized to conduct business electronically.
The board will be appointed at the bi-annual reunion.